About Me

Hello and welcome!

I’m Angela and I am very happy that you chose to spend a little time on my new site, Angela’s Accents.

As long as I can remember, I have been making things with anything that I could find.  I am very fortunate that my mother taught me how to hand sew and embroider at an early age.  Despite this  passion,  I also had a need to help others, particularly our youngest and most vulnerable citizens: children and adolescents struggling with emotional disturbance. I pursued a career in psychiatry and spent most of my adult life in school, training, and then in various positions in public health and mental health, on grants, and in state government. In the midst of this, I became a mother of two.  Although I still have a heart for this field and these children, I decided it was time to heed the advise that I have given countless of times to employees and my own children, and finally pursue what truly makes me happy. So all these years later, I am a seamstress, handbag designer, furniture painter, crafter, builder, crocheter, and all-around DIYer. I am self-taught and really enjoy researching to hone my skills, as well as learning new ones. I love the creative process and taking essentially “nothing” and making it into something. The recycler in me especially loves knowing that I am saving the landfill one chair at a time. Whatever its origin, I bring my love of color and artistry to each item.  I offer unique pieces that are also made to endure.  This includes my line of handbags (aka My Baggage) that combine form and function. Some of these are redesigns of existing patterns. In these instances, I will often add pockets or finishing details, always striving for better. My original designs include my purse organizers and yoga bags. As I have others in the formulation and development stage, I will be adding to this line.  

Whether painting, building, or sewing, in everything I create, there is a little piece of my soul.

Please feel free to contact me about any of the items that you see on this site or if you are interested in any custom work.
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